simple pleasures

answers to frequently asked questions


yes we do charge an admission to enter the orchard.

 yes you are welcome to bring your family dog. they must be on a leash and attached to a loved one. and of course you must pick up after them.

 yes you may use your own bags to pick fruit in. you may also purchase bags here that are made especially for us. they are perfect for storing apples in too.

 yes we ask for a small location fee if you are a professional photographer and would like to bring clients here. talk to laura before your visit. 

 yes you can bring a group to the farm. we don't offer a discounted package, but you are able to pay for your guests ahead of time. talk to laura before your visit.   

 yes we love living here!



farm etiquette    

 you are obliged to buy what you have picked. the joy of picking fruit is what our guests love.

 only farm food is permitted on the farm.

 we ask that you kindly leave bird nests, branches, grape vines, wildflowers, and all wild things for all guests to enjoy.

 please don't throw our apples or litter.

we love our farm. it’s also our home and we work really hard all year so we can invite you. we really appreciate our thoughtful, considerate guests.