simple pleasures

apples and pears

 mother nature is the boss, but this is when we expect to start picking our different varieties. most varieties are available for a few weeks, but it really depends on how may guests have the same favourites as you. for the last few years we have been picked out by mid october. 


early september


 ginger gold


 royal gala

mid september

 honey gold




 honey crisp

late september


early october


 rhode island greening


 jona gold            

 tolman sweet


mid october

 ida red

 red and golden delicious

late october

 granny smith 



sadly our pear orchards have been struggling for some time with a disease known as fire blight.(our f. word)

fire blight is incurable and posed quite a risk to our apple orchards.

consequently we have removed all of our pear trees.

we will be planting new pear orchards this spring, but wont be able to offer pear picking to you for a few years. 

we think it will be worth the wait!

picking and storing 

 it's best to store your fresh picked apples and pears in your fridge in a plastic bag. they love humidity. i place a moist tea towel on top of them too.

 unlike apples, pears will ripen after you pick them. we recommend picking pears green, before they are ripe and tucking them in your fridge. allow them to ripen at room temperature as you need them. if pears are picked ripe, they are very perishable and they become quite grainy.